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Count My Change (and Win a Copy of Ransom’s New Book!)

Update (4:02pm): Still no winner! If you’ve already used up your three guesses, you can guess again. I keep my spare change in an old pretzel jug. On at least two occasions, I’ve taken pictures of said jug (see above) and asked you guys to guess how much money is inside. Prizes are dangled. Fun times [...]

Penny Arcade Case Mod

Div is a surly, drunken DivX player from the webcomic Penny Arcade. You can view an archive of strips featuring him here. [H]olyGeekboy built a marvelous casemod out of a PVC pipe and Wild Turkey (and apparently some computer parts, too, but it’s the whiskey that makes the machine run). Link | Photo: Flickr user Brian [...]

Somewhat More Realistic Cartoon Characters

Trying to improve upon classic comic and cartoon characters is like messing with Mother Nature. Still, there’s nothing wrong with re-imagining a character from a different point of view. Tools like Photoshop make it easier than ever to give texture and shadow to plain line drawings, so converting our favorite cartoon characters into a more [...]