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Starting Tonight: Penn & Teller Tell a Lie

Tune in live tonight (Wednesday, October 5) at 10pm ET/PT for Penn & Teller’s new series: Penn & Teller Tell a Lie on Discovery. In this slightly shaky video from Comic Con, you can see Teller talk (!) about the upcoming series: There’s a longer preview video after the jump. It’s Like MythBusters, But With [...]

Glory Day: Lancaster’s Brief Stint as Our Nation’s Capital

© Richard T. Nowitz/CORBIS If you’ve visited Lancaster, Penn., you probably remember it as a nice mid-sized city right in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish country. What you might not know is that 234 years ago today, it became our young country’s third capital city, a position it held only briefly. Very, very briefly. Let’s take [...]

Night of the Little Dead

(YouTube link) We don’t yet know a lot about the movie Night of the Little Dead, except that it stars Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller) and Adam Savage (of Mythbusters), but that is enough to make me want to see it! Link

Masturbating Bathtub for Women

Penn Jillette’s Masturbating Bathtub for Women Awkwardly-coiffed magician Penn Jillette is an inventor. His greatest triumph: a “hydro-therapeutic stimulator” for women with jetstreams directed to “stimulation points (e.g., the clitoris) of the female user when the female user sits in the seat.” Meet the Jill-Jet.Hey ladies, I know what you’re thinking: There is nothing sexier [...]

How Did the States in the USA Get Their Names? (Part IV)

Reader Adam from Fairfax, Virginia, wrote in to ask, “How did the US states get their names?” This week, we’re tackling the origins and meaning of the names 10 states at a time. Here’s Massachusetts through New Jersey. (Be sure to also check out Monday’s post on Alabama through Georgia, Tuesday’s post on Hawaii through [...]

The Indian Rope Trick

YouTube link. In order not to spoil the illusion for first-time viewers, I won’t offer an explanation here in the text. Someone can add in the comments a note about the obvious “defect” that appears in this classic video. Those interested in this subject may also want to view Penn and Teller’s report on the illusion. Via Reddit.

The Quick 10: 10 Bizarre Video Games

Everyone knows the video game classics – you can’t go wrong with Mario, Zelda, or Donkey Kong. But there are some games out there that make you really wonder what the publisher was thinking when they green-lighted the idea. Although, to be fair, a couple of plumbers wandering around in a fantasy world jumping down [...]