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Penguin Falls Down

(YouTube link) Today, you can tell everyone you saw a penguin fall on the ice. The headline at reddit said, “Penguin falls down resulting in best sound ever.” Yes, but we’re not sure of its exact meaning. -via reddit

Penguin Insulated Lunch Bag

Penguin Insulated Lunch Bag – $11.95 Are you still on the hunt for the perfect Back to School lunch bag? Procrastination is not always a bad thing. Behold the very adorable Penguin Insulated Lunch Bag from the NeatoShop. This super cute bag features a 3-D beak.   Make it a set. Matching Penguin Pull Along Bag also [...]

Disguise Your Games to Look More Intellectual

Love video games but hate their salacious covers? Then make your gaming collection look a little smarter with these awesome covers by artist James Bit that make them look like vintage Penguin books. Link Via Laughing Squid

10 Cool Things You Didn’t Know About Batman

Did you know Robin was only supposed to appear once and then disappear? Or that Catwoman used to really look like a cat (that’s her above)? 3) Some of Batman’s biggest villains were originally more animalistic. Catwoman originally wore a furry cat mask that covered her whole face. And the Penguin was actually based on the cartoon [...]

10 Cool Melanistic Animals

You probably already know what an albino is, but the opposite, known as melanism, is much less known. The look is still just as striking though, particularly in the case of the penguin seen above. See pictures of melanistic deers, lizards and more over at the link. Link

Penguin Popper

Penguin Popper – $9.95 The weather is getting warmer and that means it’s time to schedule some playtime. Make sure your summer is a blast with the Penguin Popper from the NeatoShop. This adorable penguin shoots soft foam balls up to 20 feet. He is air powered so the harder you squeeze the farther he shoots. [...]

“Dat @#$% is a DEMON! HOLY SPIRIT! … Please continue to move forward.”

Rahat of Penguin Magic, a self-professed magician prankster, likes to go to the drive-thru and amaze fast food workers with a little trick or two (flaming dollar, anyone?). The best part, however, is their [...]

Escaped Penguin Spotted in Tokyo Bay

Remember No. 337, the intrepid penguin that escaped from the Tokyo Sea Life Park a couple of months ago? It has been spotted in Tokyo Bay looking none [...]

Who Can Resist the Penguin Webcam?

Streaming by Ustream Do you love penguins? The you’ll love the Penguin Live cam courtesy of Sea Wold San Diego’s giant penguin enclosure. Just look at those cute little critters! Via io9

Jerk Penguin

Think penguins are all sunshine and rainbows? You haven’t met … the Jerk Penguin from Tokyo Sea Life Park. Perhaps this sort of bullying is why that penguin escaped from the zoo. Hit play or [...]