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CrocoGator Pen

CrocoGator Pen – $7.95 Are you looking for a fun way to deter pen thieves? You need the ferociously fabulous CrocoGator Pen from the NeatoShop. This camouflaged pen is the perfect way to hide your favorite writing utensil in plain sight. Just pull off the CrocoGator’s tail to reveal a pen.  Be sure to check out the [...]

Annie Ralli’s Amazing Body Paintings

There’s no pen in this picture, but it took me a few seconds to notice. Annie Ralli, an artist in London, made this and other eye-tricking body paintings for an ad campaign. Link -via Amusing Planet | Photo: Ray Massey

Garden Tool Pen

Garden Tool Pen – $4.95 (sold individually) Are you looking for a way to grow as a writer? Stop vegetating and invest in a new Garden Tool Pen from the NeatoShop. These fantastic pens are shaped like the following garden hand tools:  cultivator pitch fork rake  trowel Just think of all the fantastic ideas that will spring up by using such [...]

Hilarious Reviews Of Bic Cristal For Her Pens

The Bic pen company really shot themselves in the foot when they decided to advertise their new line of “cristal” pens as being “for Her”. The interwebs immediately took to typing up hilariously scathing reviews of the pens, making sure to include all the magic, wonder and sparkly ponies these feminine pens have brought into their [...]

Squirrel Pen

Squirrel Pen – $6.95 (sold individually) Are missing pens making you nutty? Hide your favorite pen in plain sight with the Squirrel Pen from the NeatoShop. This adorable pen is disguised as your favorite tree dwelling rodent.  The Squirrel Pen comes in Orange and Grey. Collect them both today.   Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for [...]

Get Crap Done Pen

Get Crap Done Pen – $13.95 You are responsible. You are determined. You are drowning in work. Get motivated and tackle your overwhelmingly large To-Do list with the Get Crap Done pen from the NeatoShop.  This hilarious pen comes printed with the text “Get Crap Done.” The box includes additional motivational texts like: Mightier Than Chaos Show The [...]

Pet Pal Dog Pen

Pet Pal Dog Pen – $3.95 Are disappearing pens making you barking mad?  Hide your pen in plain sight with the Pet Pal Dog Pen from the NeatoShop. No one will ever suspect that your favorite pen is disguised as a cute Dachshund dog wearing a bell. The Pet Pal Dog Pen comes in: green, fuchsia, orange, [...]

This Wireframe Desk Is A Pen’s Worst Nightmare

A pen sure could get lost in this strange wireframe desk. A paperclip could plummet to its death, and don’t even try to write anything down unless you’re drawing squares. Created by South Korean designer Bomi Park, it was meticulously crafted out of metal rods, it looks like The Matrix for office products, a giant dimensional [...]

Police Help Blind Writer Recover Work

Trish Vickers of Charmouth, Dorset, England, lost her sight years ago, but continues to write in longhand with a system that keeps her lines straight. During a particularly creative streak, she wrote 26 pages of a novel. However, the ink in her pen had run out. Vickers only found that out when her son Simon [...]

LEGO Ninjago Retractable Pen

LEGO Ninjago Retractable Pen – $9.95 LEGO Ninjago ninjas aren’t only the Masters of Spinjitzu, they also make for great S-pen-jitzu! Just twist their head off to reveal a ballpoint [...]