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Three Divinely-Inspired Backyards

They say God works in mysterious ways — and if you look at the things these three men have created in their backyards, a result, each says, of divine inspiration, it seems mysterious indeed. John Hudgens recently visited Horace Burgess’ massive treehouse in Crossville, Tennessee — he writes, “He says that God told him “If [...]

5 Country Stars Who Got Fried in the Food Business

By Bill DeMain 1. Minnie Pearl’s Fried Chicken In 1967, Nashville attorney John Jay Hooker convinced Grand Ole Opry comedienne Minnie Pearl that she could sell more drumsticks than Colonel Sanders. After all, Minnie Pearl seemed like the sort of lady who’d have a good family recipe for fried chicken. Unfortunately, she didn’t. But that didn’t stop [...]

Celebrity Bird Attacks Policeman

A 3-foot-tall macaw named Chip is in a bit of trouble over a traffic stop. The bird, who starred in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, attacked a policeman in the course of his duties in Dover, England. The officer arrested the woman on suspicion of driving while banned. The attack [...]