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New Zealand Charity Teaches Dogs How To Drive

(YouTube Link) An animal adoption organization in New Zealand is teaching dogs how to drive, with their paws on the pedal steering straight towards the nearest cat. As if driving around town wasn’t dangerous enough, now we’ll have to contend with canine drivers who brake at the scent of fast food! –via Geekologie

Baffy the Bomb Dog

Is this the coolest-looking dog ever or what? Baffy is a bomb-sniffing dog, posted to reddit by his fellow soldier guynamedgriffin. He tells us Baffy came to him already named, so he doesn’t know the reason behind it, and that Baffy has already identified about 45 bombs. He also says: Yes the terrain can be rugged [...]

Leopard Paws Scarf

Leopard Paws Scarf – $24.95 The weather is starting to change. Are you on the prowl for a new fierce and fabulous scarf? You need the Leopard Paws scarf from the NeatoShop. This dangerously fun accessory features a plush paw shaped mitten at each end.     Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more wild [...]

Zombie + Poodle = Zoodle

What do you get when you cross a poodle with a zombie? A Zoodle! Via Daily Dawdle  Previously on Neatorama: Sandy Paws’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Poodle | [...]

6-Fingered Cat Gives You a Thumbs Up

Jimmy the cat has polydactyly — extra fingers on his paws. His hoomins have trained him to give a thumbs-up gesture when asked. Video Link via Geekologie | Previously: Cardi-Cat has 26 Toes!

A Good Clean Fight

Video Link How about we celebrate Friday with a good old fashioned cat fight? Now I wanna see a good clean fight, no hitting below the tail, shake paws and good luck! via AcidCow.