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Girl falls through pavement in China

A teenage girl was filmed falling through a deep hole in the pavement that opened up beneath her. The oblivious girl was talking on her mobile phone w…

Water Calligraphy Machine

Nicholas Hanna is an architect by training, but he’s fascinated by Chinese calligraphy. He’s invented an ingenious gadget that writes messages in Chinese with water. It’s attached to a tricycle and as he rides it, the electronically-controlled machine sprays water onto the pavement. If you had such a device, what would you write with it? Link [...]

Mt. Ever Climb

First it was the pavement that never ends, then the hamster bicycle , followed closely by the stairs to nowhere and the infinite cross-country skiing. Please join in me in welcoming the next logical sequence in gym machines, Neatoramanauts: behold Mt. EverClimb, a continuous rope climbing system. It’s like gym back in high school, but without [...]

UNICEF Landmine Stickers

Here’s a clever ad that UNICEF put out a few years ago to raise funds for people who have been maimed by landmines. Stickers, camouflaged to look like pavement, were left on sidewalks. When someone steps on one, it sticks to the bottom of his/her shoe. The underside informs the victim that if it had [...]

Sad Rat Photo

Gothamist reader “Wayne” took this photo of a rat apparently stuck trying to emerge from a crack in the pavement. Other readers went to work with Photoshopped explanations and fun interpretations almost immediately. Link