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Should Polygamy Be Legal?

Photo: Shutterstock In the midst of the discussion over marriage equality these days, let us ask this question: Should three people be allowed to marry each other? After all, they’re all grown ups and what business does society have in regulating what they do in private? That’s the controversy [...]

Guitar Pee

Gotta pee? Urine for a treat! Men can now relieve themselves, strum a few chords, and play Micturition Hero with this: Guitar Pee, by Billboard Brasil. It’s now "touring" the restrooms of various bars [...]

Ballet School for Blind Dancers

(Video Link) A school in São Paulo, Brazil trains people who are visually impaired — many completely blind since birth — to be graceful and coordinated ballet dancers. Fernanda Bianchini opened her school in 1995 and developed an effective way of teaching dance by touch to hundreds of students. A few of her students have even [...]

Jum Nakao’s Cut Paper Dresses

In 2004 in São Paulo, Brazilian artist Jum Nakao held a fashion show exhibiting many amazing dresses composed of delicate sheets of intricately cut paper. In an interview about his work, Nakao wrote about a subsequent and similar exhibition by writing: In the end, everything was torn up on the catwalk. We used vegetable paper and [...]

Flip-Flop Monkey

Art students in São Paulo, Brazil, made a sculpture of a monkey out of 10,000 flip-flops. It was created for the recent Pixel Show, a major art and design fair. Link via Geekologie | Fair Website | Photo:

Birds on the Wires

(vimeo link) This picture of birds on wires by photographer Paulo Pinto looks like music notation. So Jarbas Agnelli naturally wanted to find out what that music sounded like. Reading a newspaper, I saw a picture of birds on the electric wires. I cut out the photo and decided to make a song, using the exact location [...]