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Snowmobile Chopper

Weather is no obstacle or excuse for the committed motorcyclist–even the extremes of Antarctic weather. That’s why Bob Sawicki and Toby Weisser, two mechanics at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, built this chopper-style snowmobile from scraps four years ago: “This is what McMurdo is throwing away,” Sawicki proudly pointed out to a visitor gawking at the heavy-framed snowmobile. [...]

How to Make Tortilla Bowls

Here’s a great tip from The Garden Pantry. To make a tortilla bowl, just flip a muffin pan over, grease it, then bake tortillas in the open spaces. By the way: homemade flour tortillas fresh off the griddle are freakin’ amazing. Link -via Paul Overton

Edible Stadium

The Super Bowl is only four days away, so you’d best get ready! Here’s a single-serving deli platter shaped like a football stadium. You can view five similar works of food art at the link. Link -via Paul Overton | Previously: Snack Food Stadium | Photo: unknown

This Is Made of Paper

Really! It’s paper. Paul Overton of Dude Craft summarizes my own thoughts on the work of paper sculptor Calvin Nicholls: Every time I think I’ve witnessed the limits of paper sculpting, along comes somebody who blows my mind all over again. See a gallery of his amazing work at the link. link via Dude Craft

Book Sphere

Artist John Marshall made this sphere out of books. It can be found at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts in Minneapolis. Paul Overton of DudeCraft helpfully points out that with minimal modifications, it can be turned into a Death Star model. Link via DudeCraft | Photo: Tom Dolan | Minnesota Center for Book Arts

Sledding Winch

As Paul Overton puts it grandly “For centuries, man has been looking for a way to go sledding without all the pesky exercise, and Josh has found it!” Indeed he has. Josh of Cycle Karts rigged a winch to a 8 hp go kart engine so that people could sled down be hauled back without [...]

Doily Car

Paul Overton of Dude Craft is trying to identify this image of a doily made in the shape of a car. His commenters have determined that the model is a Skoda Octavia Combi — a Czech-made vehicle. The doily appears to be located in Prague. Does anyone the name of the artist responsible? Link

Unicycle Training Wheels

Mathery is a website that encourages people to think creatively, such as building a unicycle with training wheels. Here’s the philosophical statement for the site: An idea is a parasite. Once born, it settles. If you have one you can make it come true otherwise it will only leave an imprint. As soon as we make it real we [...]

T-Shirt War

(YouTube Link) T-Shirt War is an impressive stop-motion film by Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. It depicts two men using alternating images on their shirts to battle and irritate each other. Paul Overton of DudeCraft predicts “If this thing isn’t a meme already, it will be soon.” I think that that’s a safe bet. via DudeCraft | [...]

Duct Tape Prom Outfits

Every year for the past decade, Duck Tape brand duct tape has held a contest for the creative use of their tape in prom dresses and tuxedos. Winners earn scholarship money. Gallery at the link. Link via DudeCraft Oh, and congratulations to Paul Overton, the dude behind DudeCraft, on his first blogiversary!