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Scientists solve bee flight route mystery

Far from following a random flight pattern bees have the ability to plan the most efficient route. In an effort to better understand the flight patter…

The Nyan Cat Hat

This great hat comes complete with rainbows, pastries and kitty ears. If you want to make your own, the pattern is available for purchase and supposedly it’s idea for novice knitters (I can’t knit, so it would be hard for me either way. Link Via Geeks Are Sexy

10 Crocheted Science Fiction Figures

You wouldn’t have known it before the age of the internet, but yarn crafts can be very geeky. Knitting and crocheting are examples of digital art, so to speak, as the patterns are strings of information rendered in bits. Some craftsters are science fiction fans as well, which gives us some great crochet projects to [...]

Nao Humanoid Robot Plays Card Games With Kids

When I was a kid we had to make do with a Light Bright to entertain us. Now it looks like we are one step closer to children having a robotic, artificially intelligent play friend. Which will be perfect for the child with no friends. Visual pattern recognition is an important part of human intelligence. It’s [...]

The Mother of All Languages

Do all languages in the world originate from a single “mother tongue“? By studying phonemes – the consonants, vowels and tonal elements of languages, biologist Quentin D. Atkinson has claimed to discover that human languages originated in Africa: Dr. Atkinson, an expert at applying mathematical methods to linguistics, has found a simple but striking pattern in some [...]

Marbled Paper Designs

You may have seen hand-printed marbled paper on the inside covers of books, or inside old luggage or cabinets. This pattern was achieved by floating inks and other chemicals on a liquid surface and then pressing paper against it. Variations in the basic process lead to different types of patterns, like this Spanish moiré on [...]

Mysterious object in space observed

This unusual object is believed to be a pattern of trailing debris following a collision between two asteroids in space. It looks like something out o…

9 Surprising Things Found in "Where’s Waldo?" Books

Since 1987, illustrator Martin Handford’s Where’s Waldo? (Where’s Wally in the UK) books have challenged the pattern recognition skills of children and adults. In the many books featuring Waldo, Handford has occasionally hidden strange if not a touch scandalous images. Adrian Beiting of of the geekery blog Topless Robot has compiled nine of the oddities, [...]