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Scientists solve bee flight route mystery

Far from following a random flight pattern bees have the ability to plan the most efficient route. In an effort to better understand the flight patter…

Flower Pump Vase

Don’t just settle for a heart-shaped paper sentiment–really unsettle the object of your obsession and send a heart-shaped vase. It’s great for corny Valentine’s puns, for sure. Or you can give it to your cardiologist that you’ve been crushing on (I know–he makes your heart go pitter-patter). It’s by Veneri Design and comes to you [...]

Atari Mug: You Never Forget Your First

Certainly not me. I remember my first like it was yesterday. Oh, when I first laid eyes on you Dig Dug, my heart went pitter patter. Nothing else compares, not even Pole Position. This clever Atari Mug: You Never Forget Your First lets you reminisce about the good ol’ days of videogaming every day with your [...]