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Primrose and Her Pink Casts

(YouTube link) Primrose is the smallest ever patient at the Bind Equine Veterinary Practice in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, England. The adorable donkey was born so prematurely that her front legs were not developed enough to hold her weight. To keep them from breaking, vets fitted her with a pair of bright pink casts, which will only be [...]

Ondrej Pakan’s Stunning Photos of Dewy Insects

How does Ondrej Pakan capture such fascinating images of otherwise boring insects? By being very, very patient. Pakan sits in the rain, waiting for the downpour to end, then snaps these amazing shots of his insect models only seconds after the rain stops. While the effort might seem mad at first, the other-worldly, jewel-like photographs he [...]

Ibuprofen-induced Meningitis

A man came to the emergency room with strange symptoms. He had previously been diagnosed with viral meningitis because of a high white cell count in a spinal tap -but no infectious agent was found. And his symptoms weren’t consistent with the diagnosis. Then the doctor remembered another strange case he’d read about. In a Vital [...]

Could This Line Get Any Longer?

“I’ve got two moles to attack, a cub to feed and a field to frolic in, can we get this line moving already?” Just be patient Mr. Fox, be patient, you’ll get to use the ATM eventually. First spotted by Ash Warner Via BoingBoing

Hedgehog Bath Time

(YouTube link) A very patient and adorable hedgehog named Max gets clean. That is all. Oh, wait, that’s not all! Max’s owner also posted a video to answer questions he received about hedgehogs as pets. Link -via Arbroath

Electronic skin could be used to heal wounds

“Electronic skin” that could be attached to a patient’s body has been developed by scientists. Electronic sensors in the skin could monitor brain wave…

The Basket Cat Blog

Shiro loves small baskets the way Maru loves boxes. And 9-year-old Shiro has a patient zen attitude for wearing hats and other materials on his head, which leads to many photo and video opportunities. See photos and videos of Shiro and his feline family at the Basket Cat Blog. Link -via Metafilter

How Sex and Beer Beget A Science Paper

Patients 1 and 2. Kobylinski (left), Foy (right), collecting mosquitoes in Senegal with medical entomologist Massamba Sylla. Photo: Brian Foy The old and busted way of scientific research: Long hours hunching over the lab bench. The new hotness: sex with wife, and then a round of beer with fellow scientist. (Bonus: wife is also a co-author [...]

Bear vs. Cat

A playful bear cub roughhouses with a very patient cat. But even the most imperturbable feline has his limits. Click play or go to Link [YouTube] -via The Daily What.

HIV Cured?

Keep in mind that early news reports on scientific stories are sometimes wildly inaccurate. But, that said, it appears that doctors claim to have cured an HIV-infected man: The ‘Berlin Patient,’ a U.S. citizen named Timothy Ray Brown, underwent a procedure in which HIV-resistant stem cells from an individual with an unusual genetic profile were introduced [...]