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Dragon*Con Cosplay Pictures

Look out for that big patch of Poison Ivy! Photographer Bill Watters is at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, bringing back images of the best cosplayers showing their stuff. Geeks Are Sexy has two galleries up already, with photographs from day three to be posted sometime today. Link to gallery one. Link to gallery two. (Image credit: [...]

Skin patch can determine when you are ill

Scientists are developing an electronic patch that can monitor a person’a vital signs in real time. The tiny patch is only about as thick as a human h…

Skin patch could cure peanut allergy

A skin patch that may cure thousands of their deadly peanut allergy has been developed by doctors. Approximately 500,000 children and adults run the r…

Death Wears Bunny Slippers: Life Inside a Nuclear Missile Silo

Various sources around the Internet indicate that this awesome unit patch worn by some USAF ballistic missile crews is completely real. Comfort, as well as anything that relieves boredom, is highly prized. That’s why many airmen wear Snuggies while manning the missile platforms. John Noonan, as former captain in the Air Force, writes: In a favorite [...]