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Vintage Superheroes and Villains

Today’s superheroes aren’t that bad. But they aren’t like the superheroes of the past. No movie deals, no merchandizing–just work. The historic company Foto Marvellini, now operated by descendants of the original owners, has opened up its archive. Much of it consists of the first photographs of classic superheroes including Spider-Man, Batman and Wolverine. Gallery and [...]

Repeating History

A look into the nature of the past from Doghouse Diaries. If you’re not familiar with George Santayana, you can find out more about him at Wikipedia, including more quotes. And no matter how you view history, it’s still good advice to learn from your mistakes -or someone else’s. Link -via Geeks Are Sexy

McDonald’s Specification Manual

We’ve already learned that Grimace has a dark, criminal past. But the 1970s specification manual at How to Be a Retronaut also reveals that, at some point, Mayor McCheese lost his seat. Or he stopped holding his sham elections. It’s a bit ambiguous. Link

Human ancestor older than thought

Scientists now believe homo erectus and modern humans never co-existed in the distant past. Up until now it was believed that homo erectus still survi…

QR Code Art

In the past, Scott Blake made composite portraits of people using barcodes. Now he’s getting with the times and using QR codes instead. Pictured above is a portrait of radio show host Amy Goodman. Each one links to segments from her show over the past nine years. Link via Dude Craft | Artist’s Website | Photo: [...]

Geektastic Toddlers

I know the Orlando Star Wars celebration is long past, but when I found this picture of two toddlers dressed up as droids for the convention, I couldn’t help but post it here to share it with all of my fellow Neatogeeks. Link

Somewhat Cumbersome 24-Shot Revolver

In the past, we’ve looked at somewhat fanciful efforts to improve the ammunition capacity of revolvers, including the use of feeding chains, superimposed loads, and stacked chambers. There’s not much information available about this solution except that it’s a single-action .38 that can fire 24 rounds. Link via The Firearm Blog | Photo: Drefizzle

Where No Superhero Has Gone Before

Well, to be fair, comics characters and Star Trek have collided in the past, often with bizarre results. I’m not quite sure why they haven’t quite clicked in the past, other than that great catchall that explains away most of the “seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time’ pop culture atrocities:it was the ’90s. Comics and Star Trek should be two great [...]

"Cosmic bruises" suggest other universes

Scientists have discovered evidence that parallel universes ‘jostled’ our own in the very distant past. Patterns found in the background microwave rad…

Americans reached Europe 1000 years ago

Scientists believe Americans reached Europe over 500 years before Columbus reached America. The research is based on studies of the genetic past of a…