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Finally Your eBooks Can Smell Like A Book Again

I once did demonstrations of Sony Readers and one of the biggest complaints we had was that they just didn’t smell like books. If you’re one of those people that just can’t read without olfactory stimulation, then perhaps Paper Passion is just what you need to get your your ereading on. Link Via io9

You Too Can Finally Game With Yanni

Admit it, while you really like gaming, your real passion is new age music. While you might never get to actually play video games with Yanni himself, this great controller will at least bring you one step closer to living the dream. Link Via Kotaku

Stellar Quilts

What do you get when you combine your geeky passion for astronomy and craft? This awesome Stellar Quilts by Jimmy McBride: Yes, that’s the Pillars of Creation. Find more of Jim’s artwork on Craftzine: Link

The Match Art of Pei-San Ng

Los Angeles-based artist Pei-San Ng makes artwork out of matches. “Passion”, pictured above, is composed of 2,500 matches and took 24 hours to make. You can view 5 more examples at the link. Link via DudeCraft | Photo by the artist