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Creepy Legend Of Zelda Dead Hand Snowman

Video game themed snowmen don’t come much more obscure, or creepy looking, than this thing. It’s based on the Dead Hand mini boss from the Legend of Zelda game The Ocarina of Time, and somehow he looks better when constructed out of hi-rez snow particles. Remember when video game graphics were that bad? Link

Invention allows ‘living without breathing’

Scientists have invented particles able to keep a person alive even if they are unable to breath. The breakthrough treatment works by oxygenating the …

Solar flare disrupts communications

A recent solar flare from the Sun has triggered one of the largest space weather storms in years. Billions of tons of charged particles have been thro…

A Charming Song About Quarks

(YouTube Link) Strange Charm will tell you everything you need to know aboutĀ all six flavors of theĀ elementary particles that the world is made of. Link

Has Hayabusa picked up alien life?

Japan’s Hayabusa space probe has picked up particles that could contain alien life. Scientists studying the particles picked up during the probe’s mis…