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Quantum Physics Experiment Shows Light Behaving as a Wave and a Particle Simultaneously

Damn you, quantum physics! Just as we got used to the mind-boggling fact that light can act as either a wave OR as a particle, a new quantum physics experiment has shown that it [...]

A Little Positron Music

Can you make music out of the particle tracks of positrons passing through the detector in a particle accelerator? Most positively so! Behold, the smallest music in the universe: Positrons – antiparticles of electrons, a trillionth of a [...]

The Double-Slit Garage Experiment

by R.R. Bukrey Physics Department Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois We are pleased to report that a classic atomic-scale physics experiment — the double-slit experiment — has now been carried out on a macroscopic scale. We have demonstrated the wave/particle duality of a familiar, “everyday scale” phenomenon — the stream of cars passing through the exit lanes of the [...]

Excitement mounts over LHC announcement

Scientists are expected to reveal key findings in the hunt for the highly coveted Higgs boson particle. The findings are set to be revealed on Tuesday…

Tevatron atom smasher closes down

Fermilab’s Tevatron particle accelerator has been shut down after 30 years of research and discoveries. The closure is mainly due to the dominance of …

Higgs particle could be found by Christmas

Researchers are optimistic that the long saught after Higgs Boson particle could be found this year. Originally the discovery was thought to be unlike…

Physicists confirm existence of new particle

Boffins at Fermilab’s particle accelerator Tevatron have discovered a new particle – the Xi-sub-b baryon. The existence of the new particle has long b…

Can the LHC send messages back in time ?

Scientists have come up with a possible method to send a hypothetical particle back in time. The theory is based on the assumption that the particle (…

LHC ‘has two years to find Higgs’

Scientists expect to find the Higgs boson particle via the Large Hadron Collider by the end of 2012. It is thought that if the particle is not found w…