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Spiritual master offers tours of heaven

Master Kek Eng Seng has attracted criticism by claiming to take people on tours of heaven and hell. Having taken participants on a tour of hell during…

‘Killer’ curry contestants hospitalised

Two participants of the “world’s hottest chilli” contest ended up in hospital after eating killer curry. Held at the Kismot restaurant in St Leonards…

Scientists develop ‘thinking cap’

It is thought that supplying an electric current to the brain can improve our mathematical talents. A study that asked participants to solve a series …

MP3 Experiment

(YouTube link) The folks at Improv Everywhere used 3,000 participants for their latest mission. Each had an MP3 player that received simultaneous instructions (and music). That had to appear really strange to anyone not in on the plan! It all culminated in a flashmob at Bryant Park. Link -via The Daily What