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NASA Johnson Style

(YouTube link) It has been 5 days since I posted the last “Gangnam Style” parody, as I promised not to unless it’s awesome, which this one is! Produced by the students of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, the video is full of rocket scientists, astronauts, and astrophysicists doing what they do. The guy in the background at [...]

Cool Things to Find

(YouTube link) Cool Things to Find is a parody of the earlier PSA called Dumb Ways to Die. And who does the finding? The Mars Curiosity rover, of course! -via a comment at Metafilter

The Late Movies: Six Songs Inspired by Hurricane Sandy

First: If you’re one of our readers in New Jersey, Delaware, New York, or any of the other areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy, our thoughts are with you. Now, on to the Late Movies business: Hurricane Sandy has inspired some budding singer-songwriters. We’ve got six examples of how they spent their time during the storm. “Sandy” This [...]

Gungan Style

(Funny or Die link)  Oh no, not a Star Wars/Gangnam Style parody! That’s what it is -for about a minute, then it turns into a statement about …well, you just watch this while I go curl up in a corner somewhere and contemplate my life and unfulfilled dreams. -via Geeks Are Sexy

We Are Never Ever Gonna Cook Together

(YouTube link) Taylor Swift’s song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” gets the Breaking Bad treatment in this parody from Teddie Films. May contain spoilers if you aren’t caught up on the TV show. -via Metafilter

Gangnam Kim Jong Style

Agree that this is the best Gangnam Style parody in the world or they’ll will dispatch an elite team of North Korean assassins forthwith.

Pony Gangnam Style

(YouTube link) It’s a mashup/video parody that just had to be. My Little Pony meets PSY when the gang goes all Gangnam style! From a collection of “Gangnam Style” video parodies at The Week. Link


(YouTube link) May this is droid you’re looking for! C-3PO sings you a love song, a parody of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend.” -via The Daily What Geek

Twisted Animated Parody Of Harry Potter

(YouTube Link) This cautionary parody of Harry Potter reminds us how important it is to say the proper words when casting a spell, and to stand back a ways from whatever object you’re casting a spell upon! It’s short and straight to the point, with lots of animated blood for the cartoon gore lover in all of [...]

We’re Trekkies And We Know It

(YouTube link) This parody of LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I Know It” starts a little weak and gets better as it goes. Just beam me up, Scotty! -via I Am Bored