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When Occupy Wall Street Goes Geek

Regardless of your personal political affiliations, I think this is a movement we can all get behind. Geeks Are Sexy has other funny, geeky Occupy Wall Street parodies at the link. Link

25 Funny Jaws Poster Spoofs

The Jaws poster was so iconic that is has become ripe for parodies and being as how it’s Shark Week right now, there’s no time like the present to appreciate these great spoofs on the original movie artwork. Link

Gotham Starry Night

Image: Deviant artist 1funnyguy Popped Culture has a gallery of the neatest parodies of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night you’ll see today. My favorite is this one above, titled Gotham Starry Night by deviantART user 1funnyguy. Check out the entire gallery here: Link

Facebook in the Führerbunker

Yes, all kinds of Facebook parodies have already been created, including the excellent Hamlet version by Sarah Schmelling, and even a Star Wars edition, as John Farrier pointed out recently. But if you haven’t seen this one by Brian Sack of Banterist I think you will enjoy it, particularly if you are interested in 20th c. [...]

American Gothic Parodies

Image: McGlinch American Gothic Parodies is a compendium of images based on Grant Wood’s iconic painting “American Gothic.” It was assembled by an illustrator named McGlinch from his grandmother’s collection. That’s all of the information that I can find about him, other than that he is a contributor a blog called Bad Spock Drawings, which is [...]