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Thanks to Daylight Savings Time, Man Gets Ticketed for Two DUIs at the Same Time

At 1:08 AM last Sunday, a man in Urbana, Ohio was cited for drunk driving. Then, precisely one hour later at 1:08 AM, he was cited for the same offense: Exactly one hour later, while on patrol in the municipal parking lot off of the 100 block of Miami Street, Sgt. Reese saw the same vehicle [...]

5 Remarkable Things Discovered Under Parking Lots

There’s more to the common parking lot than broken beer bottles and fender benders from that guy who was texting. Oceans of asphalt, it seems, are hiding an astonishing trove of archeological treasures. 1. The King of England DARREN STAPLES/Reuters/Landov In 1485, King Richard III of England was killed during the Battle of Bosworth Field, the last major [...]

"Reverse, Auntie. What You Waiting For?"

While waiting for a woman to back her car into a parking spot, this bard composes and performs a libretto exhorting her to move faster. She declines. Content warning: some foul language. Video Link -via Sippican Cottage

Mayor Only Parking

Photo: Caitlin Huston/Pharos-Tribune Problem: Mayor Ted Franklin of Logansport, Indiana, got a parking ticket for parking in an area reserved for police cars. Solution: Turn that Police Parking Only spot into a Mayor Parking Only. [...]

The Double-Slit Garage Experiment

by R.R. Bukrey Physics Department Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois We are pleased to report that a classic atomic-scale physics experiment — the double-slit experiment — has now been carried out on a macroscopic scale. We have demonstrated the wave/particle duality of a familiar, “everyday scale” phenomenon — the stream of cars passing through the exit lanes of the [...]

Illegal Parkting

A criminal mastermind in Hoboken, New Jersey was caught when his forged parking permit fell prey to an unusually observant enforcer: The 24-year-old man’s fake permit spelled it “parkting,” a dead giveway for an eagle-eyed parking utility worker who noticed the Acura TSX sedan parked at 225 Monroe St. at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday. The parking utility [...]

Parkmobile: Park-in-a-Dumpster in San Francisco

Photo: Mark Boster/LA Times Drivers looking for parking space are going to be dismayed, but the many San Francisco residents are enjoying this clever idea, a tiny "parkmobile" made from modified dumpsters: The two bright-red [...]

Parking Lot Movies

A surprising number of great short films have been made in parking lots. I’m not certain why. I can’t think of a less likely place to find an interesting story or make something good — but they keep popping up. For instance, just the other day, like ten of my friends shared this music video [...]

Parking Meters Collect Money for the Homeless

Watch on YouTube This is a neat idea: parking meters repurposed to collect change for the homeless. The program is now running in Orlando, FL, as well. Donors drop coins into the meters, which are used only to collect contributions, not to regulate parking. City workers collect the change, which is given to the Central Florida Commission [...]

Woman Fought Off the Car Clamp in a 30 Hour Standoff

No one wants a parking ticket, but not everyone has the fortitude (and bladder stamina, if you know what I mean) to fight one quite like this young woman. She fought the clamp … and won! A YOUNG carer from Salisbury took a stand against a wheel clamper in an ordeal lasting 30 hours. Jessica Davey, 22, [...]