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Catch The Party Cab For The Ride Of Your Life

(YouTube Link) His name is Taxi Dave, he drives the Party Cab between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m., and he’s a one man mobile paaar-tay in Sacramento, CA! Watch him strut and sway his way across the parking lot, performing the Taxi Dave Dance in order to attract new customers. Party Cab is in the house tonight [...]

For some reason the creepiest mode of transportation is the van. It evokes images of kidnappings and unlawful activity. That’s why has cataloged dozens of photos of unseemly vans in various states of suspicion. Have you checked on your kids lately? That 72? Astro with boarded windows has been camped out in the back [...]

Parking Puzzle

(YouTube link) A time-lapse video from a security camera reveals a game in which the goal is to escape a parking lot. Why didn’t they drive through the grass? -via Buzzfeed