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Invade All of the Humans!

(YouTube link) The world has been conquered by an army of giant robots! Well, two giant robots. Um, actually they’re kinda small. But they’ve taken over the world! Or, maybe just the park. Actually, the area near the park bench. But they’ve taken over! This video by Tom and Mark features “two malfunctioning robotic educational toys” [...]

New York Shots

Katie O’Beirne has an idea so simple it’s downright brilliant. She leaves a disposable camera in the park, tied to a park bench with a twine, and then waits to see what develops. She posts the wonderful photos taken by random strangers [...]

Bench for Teens

Photo: PS Geschwill If you can’t beat ‘em … sit with ‘em! That’s what Mayor Dieter Moerlein of Eppelheim, a small town in Germany did by installing a park bench for teens who refuse to sit properly: The mayor of 17 years calls them “no-interest” benches because teens have “no interest in following etiquette. They all sit [...]