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Imaginary Friends

From the fertile mind of Dan Piraro, here’s a Bizarro comic that I’m sure captured many parents’ perception of a certain social media giant.

Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

Redditor mrfahrenheit94 tells the story of an elementary teacher. She didn’t believe her young student when he said he’d brought his cat to school -until he opened his backpack! The child’s parents were called to come pick up the cat, who was undoubtedly happy to go home in a car instead of a backpack. Did [...]

Resistance is Futile

George Takei posted this at his Facebook page, with the line, “I’m sure parents everywhere are on borg with this.” Link -via Geeks Are Sexy

Back to School Boot Camp

(YouTube link) Sit up straight and pay attention: do not eat paste, and do not take your pants off in front of the other students. Your parents will not be there. Some teachers are jerks. Some will be strange shapes. Cut teachers some slack. -via The Daily What

A Law To Visit Your Parents?

Haven’t visited your parents in a while? You may be a lawbreaker. Shocked by a statistics that more than 33% of Chinese people visit their parents but once a year (and nearly 12% haven’t visited in many years), [...]

Teacher to Parents on National Teacher Day: “You Suck”

!–start_raw–> May 8th was National Teacher Day, and teachers have a message for all you parents. Jimmy Kimmel obliged to send along the clip: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] (A bit of NSFW [...]

You Shall Not Password

A seven-year-old girl left this note on her parents’ computer desk. They are considering password-protecting the computer. I can laugh because this is not my child, but if it were, she’d find out what a nightmare life can really be! Link -via HuffPo

Social Media Sentiments Explained

WHEN I TRY TO EXPLAIN TO MY PARENTS WHAT MY JOB IS. If you work in social media, then this is the Tumblr for you: Link – via Adverve

Invasion of the Nintendoids

Totally rad! You can be a Nintendoid, too, with all this cool gear from Homer’s of Omaha! That is, if you were a young gamer in the early ’90s who bugged his parents until they bought such stuff. Clothing available in men’s and children’s sizes. Link

Great Pictures of Rock Stars With Their Parents

It’s easy to imagine that rock stars, especially those from the 1970′s were crazy heathens, but seeing them with their parents puts their lavish lifestyles in a whole new perspective. Link