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The Secret of Parenting, According to a Nobel Laureate

Want your kids to succeed in life? What parent doesn’t? That’s why we have helicopter parenting, Tiger Moms, Panda Dads [...]

The Secret to Raising Successful Children

Psst, parents! Want to raise happy and successful children? Put down that Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother book and land the helicopter parenting methods. Pyshcologist and author Madeline Levine tells us all about the [...]

Why French Parents Are Superior

Forget Tiger Moms! The secret to raising great, well-behaved kids is … being French! Pamela Druckerman explains why French parents are superior: Why was it, for example, that in the hundreds of hours I’d clocked [...]

Siblings sue mother for $50,000

A brother and sister have sued their own mother for $50,000 on the grounds of bad parenting. The actual crimes however are somewhat questionnable, Kim…

NY Times Columnist: Tiger Mother Coddles Her Kids

Remember our post on Amy Chua, the so-called Tiger Mother who asserted that her extreme “Chinese”-style of parenting produces superior children? Chua didn’t let her own girls go out on play dates or sleepovers. She didn’t let them watch TV or play video games or take part in garbage activities like crafts. Once, one of her [...]

Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

You’ve probably seen or heard how Chinese kids that get straight A’s in school, play the piano like a pro, and start prepping for med school in kindergarten. But how do they get to be so ambitious … so driven? Well, it’s because Chinese kids have Chinese mothers. Amy Chua explains why Chinese moms are [...]

Dangerous Things Kids Should Do

With today’s paranoia of terrorists, child molesters and more, kids are missing more and more opportunities to go out, have fun and well…be kids. To fight this, a new parenting mentality has started to arise, arguing that kids should go outside to play rough, even if it means getting a few scrapes and bruises along [...]

Backlash Against Helicopter Parents

Like the proverb says, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and parenting is no excuse. Nancy Gibbs of TIME Magazine wrote a very interesting article about the growing backlash against “helicopter parents”: The insanity crept up on us slowly; we just wanted what was best for our kids. We bought macrobiotic cupcakes and [...]

Is Conditional Parenting Bad For Children?

Should you love your children unconditionally or should you dole out love only when they behave? Do your children become better adults if you are selective about your approvals – like many of the new parenting advice books say? Author Alfie Kohn wrote an interesting article for The New York Times wrote about some interesting studies [...]