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Monstrous But Realistic Baby Dolls

At some point, every parent thinks that s/he’s somehow brought a demon into this world. They’d be more convinced if their children looked this this doll on a regular basis. Bean Shanine, the artist behind The Twisted Beanstalk Nursery, makes baby dolls that are both cute and terrifying. Link -via Technabob

Hide and Seek

Is there any parent who hadn’t tried this trick? Only my kids gave up long before the niece in this Twaggie. Wobbly Goggy illustrated a Tweet by Sixth Form Poet to create it. You’ll find a new illustrated Tweet every day at Twaggies! Link

Who’s The Teacher? Tony Danza Spent a Year Teaching High School to Find What’s Wrong With Our Schools

Photo: Barbara Johnston/Thinkfactory Media A lot of people think they’ve got the solution to America’s dismal education system without ever teaching a day in their lives, but not Tony Danza. The Hollywood actor spent [...]

The 10 Worst Parents Ever

Sure we all have things we resent our parents for, but it takes a lot to truly be a bad parent, especially to be named as one of the top ten terrible parents. While many of the cases are heart-breaking stories of abuse, some are just sickening displays of poor parental values -like the mother [...]

Reversed Pictures of Parents With Their Kids

What happens when you switch a parent and a child’s head in a photograph? Pure creepiness and delightful family photos that won’t soon be forgotten, that’s what. Paul Ripke’s Kindsköpfe (“Grown Ups”) series is certainly worth taking a long look at. Link Via Laughing Squid