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Nature, as Created by an Artist in His Fish Tank

Between the clouds, the trees, and the stunning rock formations, this landscape seems like a hikers’ paradise. The only problem? Well, unless you happen to have a shrink ray, the closest you could come to hiking these hills is stomping them until they were obliterated. That’s because this lovely setting was actually created by artist Kim [...]

The Shocking Truth About the Las Vegas Strip

I’m going to Caesar’s Palace this weekend. And the Palms Casino. I’ll be flying in to McCarran International Airport. But I won’t actually be in Las Vegas. What is arguably the most famous part of Las Vegas – the Strip – isn’t actually even a part of the town. And neither is the “Welcome to Fabulous [...]

Top 10 Unusual Cemeteries

If you were to be buried in one of the unusual cemeteries in this list, people would visit your grave whether they cared about you or not! Some are beautiful, some scary, and some are just plain weird. One that I would really like to see is the Bridge to Paradise. The Bridge to Paradise, in [...]