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All Work and No Play Make The Baining The Most Boring People on Earth

Meet the Baining, an indigenous tribe in Papua New Guinea who has the unusual claim of being the most boring people on Earth: According to [anthropologist Jane Fajans], the Baining eschew everything that [...]

Caption Contest: Crazy Cute Cuscus

Photo: Blake Everson/Originpng – via Trekearth and Arbroath Hello, Neatoramanauts! Welcome to a new weekly caption contest series with fun prizes from the NeatoShop. Every week on [...]

“In order to cut off my anger, I’m cutting off my finger and giving it to you”

Well, this certainly puts a different spin on "giving someone the finger." In her book Wayward Women: Sexuality and Agency in a New Guinea Society, anthropologist Holly Wardlow recounted how the Huli natives of Papua [...]

World’s smallest frog discovered

A new species of tiny frog has been found by US researchers in the forests of Papua New Guinea. The frog measures only 7mm in length and may be not on…

World’s Smallest Frog

A newly-discovered frog, Paedophryne amauensis, is not only the smallest frog species, but the smallest vertebrate ever found. The frogs were found in the rain forest of Papua New Guinea, living among fallen leaves. They are 7 millimeters long, about a quarter of an inch. They are well camouflaged among leaves on the forest floor, and [...]

Ball Cutter Fish

Men, want to go swimming in Papua New Guinea? Pray you don’t encounter this lil’ fella, lovingly named the "ball cutter" fish by the locals for the obvious reason: This is the ferocious ‘Ball Cutter’ [...]

Reporter Wins Award for Undergoing Circumcision with Bamboo Twigs in Order to Write a Story

Simon Eroro, an Australian journalist, really wanted to talk a group of rebels in Papua New Guinea. He crossed many miles of wild, dangerous territory to find them, only to be told that he must be circumcised to meet with them. And they do circumcision the old fashioned way. No, not a scalpel. Not even a [...]

Uncontacted Tribes Don’t Realize They’re Internet Famous

I’ve been running across all kinds of stories about uncontacted tribes in remote parts of the world lately. Back in April, This American Life featured a story from the book The Last of the Tribe detailing attempts to contact the sole surviving member of an indigenous tribe within the Brazilian rainforest. Then, just this week, [...]

Amelia Earhart’s plane wreck found ?

Claims have surfaced of aviator Amelia Earhart’s plane wreckage being found in Papua New Guinea. The wreck was reportedly found off the coast of Bouga…

Do Pterosaurs Still Exist on Papua New Guinea?

In Papua New Guinea, natives describe huge flying animals with long beaks, bat-like wings, and razor-sharp teeth and claws. Evidence of gigantic nesting sites have been found in the mountains. Remember, this is the area where previously-unknown species of animals are found almost constantly. Could these creatures be living pterosaurs? The Ropen or ‘demon flyer’ is [...]