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Cardboard Neon Genesis Evangelion That Actually Transforms

The days of making simple papercraft figures are over, thanks to this Neon Genesis Evangelion themed cardboard figure that actually transforms. It looks a bit rough around the edges, but once you see it transform from robot to vehicle and back again you’ll never think of papercraft the same way again! Link  –via Obvious Wnner

Iconic Horror Movie Houses Recreated In Paper

Paper artist Marc Hagan-Guirey combines principles of origami and papercraft to recreate horror movie houses in miniature form, like this blue edition of the Overlook Hotel from The Shining. He calls his works Horrorigami, and each of these impressive pieces were made using a technique called kirigami, where one sheet of paper is both cut and [...]

Great Historical Moments Captured in Papercraft

Want to relive some of history’s greatest disasters in all their glory but don’t want to deal with the whole death and injury thing? Then check out Disaster Dioramas and their collection of all kinds of historical tragedies as created in papercraft. Soon to come: The Alamo. Link Via BoingBoing

The Curiosity Rover Pendant

This adorable rover pendant is actually a papercraft -which makes it even more impressive if you ask me. You can buy one from SamHain’s Etsy store when she gets back from her vacation in a few days. Link Via Geeks Are Sexy

Dalek Cupcakes

Won’t you look at these wonderful cupcakes all dressed up as daleks! And there’s a TARDIS, too! They were made by Flickr user seelensturm, who is willing to share. You can download the papercraft dalek wrappers and the TARDIS wrapper at DeviantART. See more pictures in the Flickr set. Link -via Nag on the Lake (Image [...]

Paper Vader

This beautiful papercraft Darth Vader imitates the Christian icons of Byzantine art. It was made by the Spanish designer Lubolo. The best part of the project is the video at the link which shows how Lubolo made it. If you’ve ever wondered how three-dimensional papercraft images are made, the video will give you a great [...]

Proteigon: Amazing Papercraft Stop Motion Animation

This one is gorgeous: Proteigon, a mesmerizing papercraft stop motion animation made in two months by Steven Briand. Absolutely brilliant in its minimalist approach! Hit play or go to Link [Vimeo] – via Vultured

Fantastically Elaborate Paper Dresses

It’s one thing to turn some delicate piece of paper into a small papercraft, but to make something as detailed and elaborate as a Victorian dress is a completely different matter entirely. Artist Susan Stockwell has been creating such incredible designs as the one above for over ten years. Link Via Buzzfeed

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Puppets

(YouTube link) Well, there’s no Ricardo Montalb├ín here, but there are papercraft puppets. Sorry, Ricardo. You’ll never be replaced, and your Khan ‘do is teh sex, but I sorta-kinda love this to pieces. I present Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, complete – in 60 seconds. With puppets. Link

Mobile Evolution: Nesting Cell Phones by Kyle Bean

In “Mobile Evolution”, Brighton designer Kyle Bean created this awesome papercraft of nesting mobile phones, in the manner of the nesting Russian dolls. Take a look at the video clip of the artwork in action: Link