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Game of Thrones Paper Snowflake

Winter is coming, so let’s get crafting! Victoria Remelius made this beautiful paper snowflake modeled on House Stark’s direwolf sigil. Link -via Popped Culture

The Nerdiest Practical Joke Ever

The Nobel Prize winning chemist Melvin Calvin (1911-1997) was not known as a man of great humor. This only encouraged one of his assistants to play a great prank on him while Calvin was preparing a paper for a 1955 issue of the Journal of the American Chemical Society. Joshua Howgego, a graduate student in [...]

DIY Star Wars Snowflakes

Photo: Matters of Grey Need some last minute Star Wars holiday decorations? Look no further than the DIY Star Wars Snowflakes! We have posted about this in years past, but now we have a full gallery of downloadable templates so it’s easier than ever for you to make these at home yourself. Check them all out [...]

Crapping Paper

“It’s the wrapping paper that ruins the surprise!™” That is, if you want to download and print your own wrapping paper. The text on the wrap tells what the gift is! How fun! But they also have a generator on which you can design your own wrapping paper. That opens a world of possibilities -if you [...]

2D Paper Art Depicting Scenes From Movies And Video Games

Who knew sheets of paper cut into interesting shapes could be so exciting to stare at?! Photographer and avid gamer David A. Reeves cuts paper into miniature silhouettes of scenes from movies and video games, then he takes pictures of them in a series of works best described as freeze frame shadow puppet theater. Link  –via Kotaku

The Disneyland Haunted Mansion Gingerbread House

Ray Keim made a paper model kit of the Haunted Mansion and some seriously skilled gingerbread craftsmen took his plans and converted them into this amazingly detailed gingerbread house. I think this one certainly falls under the category of too pretty to eat. Link Via BoingBoing

Amazing Pop Culture Paper Sculptures

Artist Cheong-ah Hwang has been perfecting her paper sculpting skills since childhood, and her works feature characters that look like they’re leaping off the page. From superheroes to storybook scenes, these are some seriously cool paper sculptures! Link  –via Nerd Approved

A Zoologist’s Amazing Origami Animals

Spawning sockeye salmon For wildlife zoologist Bernie Peyton, animal life inspires not only scientific curiosity but artistic creativity. For decades, he has folded paper to raise awareness about wildlife conservation: “I write a lot of boring [academic] articles nobody reads, but conservation also has to appeal to the emotional side,” Peyton told Wired. “That’s why I do [...]

Skeleton Bride and Groom Paper Mache

Skeleton Bride and Groom Paper Mache – $23.95 (Bride and Groom sold separately) Are you looking for a way to celebrate your everlasting love? You need the Skeleton Bride and Groom Paper Mache dolls from the NeatoShop. These enchanting Day of the Dead skeleton style sculptures are the perfect way to show that special someone that [...]

Iconic Horror Movie Houses Recreated In Paper

Paper artist Marc Hagan-Guirey combines principles of origami and papercraft to recreate horror movie houses in miniature form, like this blue edition of the Overlook Hotel from The Shining. He calls his works Horrorigami, and each of these impressive pieces were made using a technique called kirigami, where one sheet of paper is both cut and [...]