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Russian Super Rich Made Paper Airplanes Out of Money to a Brawling Crowd Below

Pavel Durov, the founder of Russian’s social networking giant VKontakte (the so-called Russian Facebook), was bored last wekeend. So he decided to make paper airplanes and fly them out of his office which overlooked [...]

Surgical Robot Peels a Grape

(Video Link) We’ve seen the revolutionary Da Vinci Surgical System do amazingly precise movements before, including folding paper airplanes and playing Operation. In this video, surgeons at Southmead Hospital in the UK demonstrated its ability to make delicate cuts by peeling a grape. So far, there are only 1,032 Da Vinci robots in service around the [...]

Ordinary Paper Airplane Goes for Quite a Trip

(Video Link) redditor Blackandredflag and his friends were tossing paper airplanes off what looks like the top of a tall dormitory. One airplane flight kept going and going and going…and ended perfectly. -via reddit

The Amazing Sculptures of Fabio Viale

If you took a look at the larger version of this sculpture (left), you’d immediately conclude that it was made out of Styrofoam. As impressive as that would be, the real mind-blower here is that it’s actually marble. All of Fabio Viale’s creations from marble have a deceptive quality to them, prompting the beholder to utter [...]