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Birds Attack Paper Airplane Dropped out of Skyscraper

(Video Link) YouTube user SuperSipowicz dropped a paper airplane out of an eighteen story building. It drifts gently down to the ground until about one minute into the video. That’s when it violates the airspace claimed by a pair of birds. They scramble for action. -via Geekosystem

World’s Largest Paper Airplane

What? Why wasn’t I informed that the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona, created a giant 45-foot paper airplane … and flew it! [YouTube Clip] The giant paper airplane, named "Arturo’s Desert Eagle," was [...]

Surgical Robot Folds Tiny Paper Airplane

(Video Link) Watch Dr. Jim Porter manipulate a da Vinci surgical robot to build a paper airplane about the size of a penny. At the end, he tries to fling it into the air, again, using only the robot’s arms. via Crunch Gear

Paper Airplane in Space

On October 28, a team led by Steve Daniels, John Oates and Lester Haines launched a camera-equipped helium balloon that soared to an altitude of 90,000 feet before it collapsed. At that point, it released a paper airplane, named the Vulture I, also equipped with a video camera. The project named Paris (Paper Aircraft Released [...]

Zebrie Sanders: Statue Player

(YouTube Link) I am a little under the weather today, and maybe the paper airplane thing was fake. But if this is fake, at least it also fooled The Huffington Post. The obvious question is, What is he thinking?