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Now Panic and Freak Out Sniff Tissues

Now Panic and Freak Out Sniff Tissues - $1.95 Have you stopped believing all the lies and propaganda that are being fed to you? You need a tissue that reflects your new healthy views on life. Get the Now Panic and Freak Out Sniff Tissues from the NeatoShop. This fun designer tissue pack is perfect for [...]

The Late Movies: 6 of Emily Gilmore’s Best Freak-Outs

Though she’s well-known for her other roles—originating Sheila in A Chorus Line, Baby’s mom in Dirty Dancing—Kelly Bishop, who turns 68 today, is perhaps most recognized for her recent turn as Emily Gilmore on Gilmore Girls. Known for being persistently proper and a little bit stubborn, Emily Gilmore could throw down when she wanted to [...]

Don’t Panic and Take a Deep Breath? Bad Idea!

Keep calm, don’t panic and take a deep breath … you’re about to learn that the age-old advice to stop yourself from panicking, namely taking deep breaths, is actually wrong. Turns out, taking a deep breath for people people who are prone to panic attacks is actually a bad idea. Oops! Panicking people are often told [...]

Danish Cartoonist Hid in Panic Room During Home Attack

When Danish political cartoonist Kurt Westergaard was attacked at home by an ax-wielding man, he didn’t lock himself in the bathroom – instead, he utilized the panic room: Westergaard took his 5-year-old granddaughter into the “panic room” when he realized what was happening, Chief Superintendent Ole Madsen said. Westergaard, who has been threatened for drawing cartoons of [...]