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Click and Drag

How big can one webcomic panel be? Randall Munroe pushes the limits in one xkcd panel. Click and drag to explore the world, but be aware of the passing of time. I still haven’t seen it all! Link  -via John Walkenbach

Japanese Doctor Fabricated 172 Science Papers

A investigation by a panel set up by the Japanese Society of Anesthesiologists have discovered that a particularly productive doctor named Yoshitaka Fujii has been faking a whopping 172 papers over the past 19 [...]

Make All the Things Hyperrealistic!

Allie Brosh’s “Clean All the Things” comic panel (from this post) took on a life of its own as a meme. Now artist Sam Spratt has made a terrifyingly hyperrealistic version. He also made a video that shows us how he did it. Link -via Buzzfeed

Dodecahedron Chicken Coop

In response to the earlier item on chicken coops, Neatoramanaut NickDanger3dEye let us know about the 12-sided coop he and his son built. I got the basic idea for a plywood dodecahedron from a late 60s Popular Science magazine article I read in my youth. The author of that article built it as a meditation space, [...]

Ultimate Game Playing on a Roller Coaster Photo

It all started four years ago with a xkcd panel. Then it turned into a meme, nay, a movement of people around the world playing games, usually chess, on roller coasters and water rides. Can this photo be topped? How would you do so? -via Geekologie

Charles Schulz of Peanuts Drew Batman

Sadly, it appears that he only drew this single panel as a gift to a friend. A crossover would have been really neat. Who would Batman take up from the Peanuts cast as his Robin? Link -via Comics Alliance | Photo: Marc Nobleman

Peanuts is Incredibly Depressing Without the Last Panel

You guys might remember Garfield Minus Garfield, a tweak on Jim Davis’ classic comic strip that swept the Internet a couple of years ago, but Snoopy and the gang have received the meme treatment as well. 3eanuts has noted that Charles Schulz was typically dependent on the last panel of the comic strip for his [...]

Superman in the UK

A simple but hilarious 3-panel cartoon by Aviv Light, a cartoonist in Ramat Gan, Israel. Once again, Clark Kent needs to discreetly change his outfit. Link (Google Translate) via The Mary Sue

3eanuts – Peanuts Comics Minus the Last Panel

3eanuts catalogs Peanuts cartoon strips, minus the fourth panel. It’s similar in spirit to De-Garfed (in which Garfield’s thoughts are removed from the Garfield strip) and other crazy Garfield variants. But in this one, it’s about existential aloneness, despair, hopelessness — pretty rough stuff for a comic strip. Here’s what author Daniel Leonard says about [...]

Batman & Robin Comic Generator

I love these kinds of interactive generators, and this one’s pretty cool. For the above panel, fill in what you’d like each word balloon to say. Link via Buzzfeed (where there’s a bunch of funny examples).