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Pandora’s Box Pill Box

Pandora’s Box Pill Box – $12.95 Are you a classical Greek mythology buff with a sense of humor? You need the Pandora’s pill box from the NeatoShop. This fantastic little container features a woman opening a box and letting evils out into the world. Inside the box reads the word “Hope.”  Be sure to check out the [...]

How an 18th-Century Mutiny May Help Explain Migraine Headaches

Jupiterimages On April 28, 1789, Fletcher Christian and 18 other sailors aboard the HMS Bounty wrested control of the ship from their commanding officer, Lieutenant William Bligh. The mutineers sent Bligh and the members of the crew loyal to him off in a lifeboat in the South Pacific, then set sail to some nearby islands for [...]

11 Moons You Should Get to Know

You may have heard already that a fifth moon was discovered orbiting Pluto. (If not, Hubble spotted a fifth moon orbiting Pluto.) We know just enough about P5 to know that it’s tiny, and it’s a moon. Here are some other wild and wonderful worlds that orbit other worlds: 1. Phobos The larger and innermost moon of [...]

Tubalr Wants To Change The Way We Watch YouTube Vids

Have you ever wished for a way to filter through all the crap on YouTube and find the music videos you’re craving in a world devoid of music television? (MTV is clearly no longer about the music, thanks guys). Well, the makers of Tubalr want to help, and their service will make cutting through the nonsense, [...]

12 Sci-fi Film Locations You Can Actually Visit

Of course you want to visit Pandora! We all do! But since it’s a fictional planet, maybe the next best thing would be to visit the location where Avatar was filmed. You can do that, because it was in the Keahua Arboretum in Hawaii. The arboretum is chock-full of lush and exotic plant life, just [...]

Say Hello to Saturn’s Moons

Image: NASA/JPL-CalTech/Space Science Institute Look closely at the photo above and you can pick out 5 of Saturn’s 60 natural satellites (Janus, Pandora, Enceladus, Mimas, and Rhea) as well as the planet’s iconic rings: A [...]

The 11 Geekiest Tattoos Ever Inked

1. Shoulder to Shoulder Math Equations Anyone who claims tattoos are for idiots should take up their issues with Joe, a molecular biophysicist/biochemist. While there are plenty of math tattoos out there, this one is special thanks to the sheer quantity of space given up in prime tattoo real estate. In case you were wondering, the [...]


The following is an article from Uncle John’s Heavy Duty Bathroom Reader. Ready to brush up on your science? Don’t worry -it’s fake science. Here are the names and properties of various chemicals, elements, and other substances …that exist only in books, movies, and TV shows. Dilithium: Crystalline mineral used in the operation of the warp drive [...]

Avatar Movie Theme Wedding | Dress Up

Avatar weddings in Pandora ‘really pathetic’ – Newlyweds have been screaming blue murder over their ‘Pandora weddings’ set among the stunning mountain range used in blockbuster movie Avatar. Enterprising events organisers in natural beauty spot Wu Lingyuan, southern China, are cashing in on the fact that James Cameron used their stunning mountain range as the inspiration [...]

Pandora-Like Disappearing Plant

(YouTube Link) In the movie Avatar, there is a plant┬áthat disappears into the ground the instant it’s touched. The good news for those afflicted with Pandora Depression it that we have a similar plant organism, right here on Earth! The Sea Pen (a soft coral) expels water from its body when touched, so as to avoid [...]