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Did prehistoric man feed on pandas ?

Excavated panda fossils hold clues suggesting that our ancestors may have viewed pandas as a food source. These days pandas are a protected species, w…

Why Is it so Hard for Pandas to Get Pregnant?

Getty Images In the wild, giant panda mating occurs just as nature specials would have you believe. There’s intense competition for each female, and the dominant male will mate with her several times to ensure success. And that strategy works: Wild female pandas generally give birth every two years. But that low birth rate means that [...]

This is What Happened When a Paint Truck Rolled Over

Truck accidents usually make a mess on the road, but this truck roll over in the Brazilian town of Manaus made a particularly colorful mess. The truck was carrying about 28,000 pounds of paint when it tipped over: [...]

Why Pandas Are Terrible Investments

There’s a new baby panda at the San Diego Zoo! While they’re obviously adorable, they’re also the high-priced divas of the animal kingdom. Here’s why you should think twice before taking in a stray. Getty Images $1,000,000 PER YEAR IN RENTAL FEES Zoos around the world don’t own their pandas; they lease them from the Chinese government for as [...]

Gorilla Gets Pet Bunny Rabbit

Samantha is a 47-year-old western lowland gorilla who lives at the Erie Zoo. Her gorilla partner died in 2005, and zoo officials believe she is too old to confront another new gorilla. But to keep her from loneliness, they found her a companion in a young Dutch rabbit named Panda. “To have something sharing their space [...]

Wastelander Panda

(vimeo link) Mashups of two different but familiar stories are a common basis for internet videos, often because they are just plain strange. Can you imagine any stranger combination than Mad Max and Kung Fu Panda? Wastelander Panda is the story of a fighting panda set in a post-apocalyptic world. Epic Films produced this as part [...]

This Baby Panda Just Won’t Give Up

(Video Link) Life is hard as a cute little panda who just doesn’t want to be stuck in its crib.

Panda Mask

Panda Knit Mask | $12.95 Hey there, panda bear! How cool it is to stay warm with the Panda Knit Mask over your head -on the ski slopes or on the way to school. This 100% acrylic, machine washable ski mask is available at the NeatoShop. Roll it up like a hat, or roll it down [...]

Red Panda Moves In

(YouTube link) A red panda decided to move in with a family in the suburbs of Leshan, Sichuan Province, China, last week. The homeowners were watching the wild panda as they ate a meal outside, and slowly approached to get a better look. The panda ran into the house through an open door, and made himself [...]

Anamorphic Medusa

Just a bunch of random squiggles on walls, you say? Just wait till you find the right perspective from on this artwork by design studio Truly Design, and you’ll see something so stunning it may just turn you [...]