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Panda Mask

Panda Knit Mask | $12.95 Hey there, panda bear! How cool it is to stay warm with the Panda Knit Mask over your head -on the ski slopes or on the way to school. This 100% acrylic, machine washable ski mask is available at the NeatoShop. Roll it up like a hat, or roll it down [...]

Researchers Dressed as Panda Bears Return Baby Pandas to the Wild

When zoologists previously attempted to return a panda bear cub to the wild, the cub did not survive. They suspect that other wild pandas killed him. So this time, the researchers at China’s Wolong panda preserve limited human contact as much as possible. They even dressed in panda suits while returning cubs to the preserve: In [...]

Adorable, Violent Panda Bear Insists That You Buy His Product

(Video Link) Panda is an Egyptian cheese brand. The mascot of the company is a panda bear. As you can see from these ads, the panda bear is adorable. And if his cuteness doesn’t convince you to buy his cheese, his violent, destructive rages will. via Urlesque