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23 Bizarre Things Ceremonially Dropped on New Year’s Eve

Don’t live anywhere near New York City, but still desperate to see something – anything – drop during a countdown to 2012 on New Year’s Eve? We can help. (Well, we can help some of you. You might have to go on a road trip.) Check out these places that have put their own twists on [...]

That’s a Big Fish!

(YouTube link) Captain Linda Cavitt caught some footage of a 20-foot basking shark from the safety of the pier in Panama City Beach, Florida. Josh, the kayaker, was a bit closer. yes he was eaten part 2? is coming….j/k no it’s a docile basking shark, they eat plankton. The kayaker did jump in the water and swim [...]

The Cheapest Taxi Rates in the World

The blog The Price of Travel assessed the average rate for a 3-kilometer taxi ride in one hundred cities. The editors observed that, with some exceptions, taxis were almost the same level of automotive quality worldwide. Higher-quality cars did not necessarily correlate with higher rates. These were the ten cheapest rates: $0.90 – $1.58 Delhi, India $0.97 – [...]

The Future of the Internet Is Here, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Forget the Neatorama redesign – that was nothing compared to this beauty. Yes, you’ve found it at last … Behold, the world’s most beautiful website. No, it’s not a joke – it’s the website of an actual store called Yvette’s in Panama City, Florida. Link (For the full effect, you should turn up your computer’s [...]