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What Does Your Boss Do All Day?

In a classic episode of The Office, Jan tasks Pam with documenting in detail what, exactly, Michael does with his time at work. Pam begins compiling a time-use diary. Michael, oblivious to the assignment, casually resists Pam’s subtle suggestions to perform his typical duties, and the time log ultimately includes such inane activities as Michael [...]

Feline Fanatic Collects Thousands of Ceramic Cats | Wired Collection

A feline fanatic has spent the last 60 years amassing a bizarre collection of over 2,000 ceramic cats… and she won’t stop until it’s purr-fect. Pamela Cole, 60, from Birmingham, has been collecting the cats since the late 1940s, after her mother gave her a replica of a beloved kitten. The collection, thought to be worth over [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Last Suppers

We’ve talked about famous last words before, but how about famous last foods? Some of these soon-to-be-deceased got to choose and others had no idea they were about to munch their last morsels. See what they swallowed, then think about what you’d pick if you knew death was coming. Let us know in the comments. 1. [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Unusual War Weapons

Think fighting wars is all about grenades and tanks? Think again. It takes some serious innovation to win wars – here are a mere handful of those ideas, although some of them were bombs in more than one way. 1. Major Martin, AKA Operation Mincemeat. How did a homeless alcoholic help pull one over on [...]

The Late Movies: Surprising Wedding Dances

About a year ago, one couple rocked the YouTube world with their surprising wedding entrance to “Forever,” a song by Chris Brown. The clip was featured on The Today Show, World News Tonight, and many other major television shows — including its eventual spoof on The Office at Jim and Pam’s wedding. That couple wasn’t [...]

The Quick 10: Pam Anderson: Literary Genius (and Nine Other Celeb Authors)

It seems like once you’re a celebrity, you can pursue any venture you want to whether you have the talent for it or not (Lauren Conrad, anyone?). But there are a few stars out there who really are multi-talented. There are a few of those on this list… and a few of the former. 1. [...]

Can Boat Captains Really Marry People?

Reader Meredith wrote in with a question: “Why can boat captains marry people? Can other people in charge of other large vessels perform weddings?” Meredith, if you plan to have a boat captain officiate your wedding (how Jim and Pam of you), I hope you read this before leaving port. While a good sailor knows that [...]