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Buy Extra Insurance Just in Case

Jake Palmer, a real estate agent in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, promises that future owners will encounter no paranormal problems in this house. He guarantees it in bold print on the sign in front: “This house was kind of an ideal spot to try this for a few reasons, partly because of the (young) [...]

Hen Hatches Ducklings

Hilda is a hen who lives at Farmer Palmer’s children’s activity farm near Poole, Dorset, England. She apparently sat on the wrong nest of eggs and stayed there, keeping them warm, until they hatched. Surprise! The eggs were full of ducklings! Farmer Philip Palmer was unaware until then that the eggs had been laid by [...]

Sweet Action: 8 Big Bets Made by Famous People

© Matthew Putney/ABC/Handout/Corbis One of the headlines coming out of Saturday night’s GOP debate was Mitt Romney’s offer to bet Rick Perry $10,000 to settle an argument over something Romney said (and removed) from his book No Apology. Perry hasn’t taken the bait, but here are some big money bets other famous people have made. 1. Truman [...]

“Twin Peaks” as an Atari Game

Have you ever wondered what a Twin Peaks video game would look like? Apparently there were plans for a Nintendo game that never made it off the ground. Now coder/musician Jak Locke has created a sort of Atari 2600/NES-ish game based on the last episode of the show. Spoilers abound, of course! [...]

Bald Eagle Catching a Starling

The National Wildwife Federation has an annual photography competition. The image above was the Grand Prize winner in the “Professional” category in 2009. While watching a group of bald eagles that had congregated at a local cattle feed lot, Palmer noticed the raptors were climbing into the air to catch starlings and blackbirds—not necessarily typical prey [...]

11 Famous Roommates From the World of Sports

Most of us remember our college roommates as partners in crime who ate all our Easy Mac. Some famous athletes may remember their roommates as “that four-time Super Bowl winner who slept on the bottom bunk,” though. Here’s a look at 11 famous roommate pairings from the world of sports: 1. Tony Dungy and Flip Saunders The [...]