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America’s Most Miserable Cities

Feeling miserable today? Maybe you live in Miami, Florida. The city – famous for mega-million mansions and South Beach clubs – has just gotten the unenviable title of America’s Most Miserable City. Forbes Magazine [...]

Man Adopted Girlfriend as Daughter in Legal Maneuver

Well, we haven’t seen this one before! Here’s a bit of legal maneuvering that’s so clever it’s (almost) criminal: a Florida billionaire legally adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend to shield his wealth from a lawsuit! [Judge] [...]

RIP, Clarence Clemons

Saxophonist Clarence Clemons of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band has died from complications of a stroke he suffered last weekend. Clemons played on such classic hits as “Born to Run” and “Thunder Road” and is widely credited with helping to shape Springsteen’s sound. He passed away at a hospital in Palm Beach, Florida, where he had stayed [...]

Man in Electric Wheelchair Chased Biker FOR THREE DAYS!

Dedication … Perserverance … Tenacity… Pulitzer Prize. Those are few words that came to my mind when I read this news story from The Palm Beach Post: That, my friends, is determination: Link -via BuzzFeed

At the Libraries: Sex at the Library

In my library, we just get “soloists,” but apparently it is the fantasy of many to have sex in the library, if the “Best of Craigslist: Library Sex” is to be believed. * Speaking of provocative, Happy Banned Books Week! Here’s an opinion piece meant to provoke, just in the nick of time. It’s about when libraries [...]

10 Interesting Pieces of Sports Headgear

The NFL playoffs continue this weekend with Kurt Warner leading the high-scoring Arizona Cardinals into New Orleans for a showdown with the Saints. There is speculation that a loss could mark the final game of Warner’s career, not for lack of ability (he threw for five touchdowns last week against the Packers), but because of [...]

6 More Lost and Found Airplanes

I once thought that it should be very hard to lose something as big as an airplane. When planes fly into deep water, high altitudes, ice, snow, jungle, or desert, it happens more often you’d think. Finding those planes many years later is a rare occurrence, but it happens. After the previous article 9 Lost [...]

The Florida muck monster

A mysterious ripple in the waters near West Palm Beach has created quite a stir under the name of the ‘Muck Monster’, however to date aside from t…