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Man Adopted Girlfriend as Daughter in Legal Maneuver

Well, we haven’t seen this one before! Here’s a bit of legal maneuvering that’s so clever it’s (almost) criminal: a Florida billionaire legally adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend to shield his wealth from a lawsuit! [Judge] [...]

Credit Card Found 25 Years Later -Underwater!

John Krayeski of West Palm Beach, Florida, was spear fishing in the waters off Singer Island, specifically at an artificial reef called the Triangle on Mothers Day. A responsible diver, he often picks up trash he sees underwater. On this trip, he picked up an old JC Penney credit card. Back on land, he read [...]

Man in Electric Wheelchair Chased Biker FOR THREE DAYS!

Dedication … Perserverance … Tenacity… Pulitzer Prize. Those are few words that came to my mind when I read this news story from The Palm Beach Post: That, my friends, is determination: Link -via BuzzFeed