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Hair Basket Weaving

This weave by Guido Palau is from last year, so once again I am behind the fashion curve. Hair weaving in a basket style is apparently technically simple but chemically demanding: Palau divided models’ hair into three sections before adding extensions over and under natural strands for a woven effect, ending each panel in a skinny [...]

Big Money: Yap’s Stone Currency

Photo Credit: Flickr user annamatic3000 If you wanted to be a bank robber on Yap, you’d need a forklift and a crane, along with an 18-wheeler to make your getaway. That’s because for centuries, the main form of currency on this tiny Micronesian island was stones. Very large stones. Looking like Claes Oldenburg sculptures of oversized [...]

Debt Free Zone: How Liechtenstein Manages to Live Within Its Means

As you may have heard, the United States’ gigantic national debt means we’re firmly in our creditors’ pockets. But what about countries on the opposite end of the spectrum? Who’s got the tiniest national debt? In that arena, it’s tough to beat Liechtenstein. The tiny European principality has a whopping external debt of zero dollars. [...]

The King of Hard Currency

Sea captain David O’Keefe spent 30 years on the islands of Yap in the western Pacific. In that time, he established a successful trading company, married two wives (with another waiting in America), introduced alcohol and firearms to the islanders, and gained a monopoly over the island’s currency of giant stones called fei. Fei was [...]

most beautiful dangerous lake in the world

most beautiful and dangerous lake in the worldworld’s Most jellyfish Found in Palau lake. It a most dangerous lake in the world is home to about 20 million jellyfish and most beautiful lake in the world Also. At a depth of 5 meters to dive without scuba gear is prohibited, does not come up alive, [...]

World’s first shark sanctuary in Pacific

The Pacific nation of Palau has set up the world’s first shark sanctuary to help protect species from extinction. The sanctuary contains over 130 …

Swimming With The Jellyfish

12,000 years ago, in the small island nation of Palau near the Philippines, a rock on the island fell, separating a marine lake from the ocean. Jellyfish were trapped inside and managed to thrive and survive without any predators. In time, they evolved to lose their sting, as they no longer needed it to defend [...]