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Animal-Friendly Alternative to Fox Hunting

Fox hunting — at least as it was traditionally conducted with dogs — has been illegal in the United Kingdom since 2005. You can be hunted with the old ways, if you like. But if you want to take down a fox, you’ll have to work with UK Paintball. For £400, the firm arranges for [...]

Woman’s breat implants pops during paintball

A woman enjoying a game of paintball suffered an unfortunate injury when her breast implant popped. The bizarre accident has lead paintball organisers…

840-Barrel Paintball Machine

(Video Link) This commercial for an energy drink features a paintball machine with 840 barrels. It fires a single volley with different colors to produce, in just a second, a image through a stencil. The action starts at 0:35. via This Is Colossal | Previously: Paintball Art