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10 Cool Trivia Facts About The Hobbit

We already presented you with some fun trivia about the book-version of The Hobbit, but if you’re interested in learning more about the behind the scenes actions involved with making the film version, io9 has you covered with all kinds of neat facts. For example: Smaug Stole All Of New Zealand’s Gold (Paint) The greedy dragon’s [...]

Debra Broz’s Oddities

By adding sculpting compound and paint, Austin-based artist Debra Broz turns cute ceramic animal figurines into monstrosities: cows merge with pigeons, ducks grow extra heads and dogs grow yard-long tongues. View them all at the link. Link -via Design Observer | Photo: Rebecca Marino

Cupcake Palette

Paint some happy little clouds with this edible paintbrush and paints. Allegedly, this arrangement was made for the magazine AllYou. I don’t have much information about it, but I think it’s safe to assume that the palette itself is also edible. AllYou -via Foodbeast

Starry Night Man

I don’t know if I’m inspired to pick up a paint brush or a joystick, but I definately need a frame to hang it up at home. Link via Geekologie

This is What Happened When a Paint Truck Rolled Over

Truck accidents usually make a mess on the road, but this truck roll over in the Brazilian town of Manaus made a particularly colorful mess. The truck was carrying about 28,000 pounds of paint when it tipped over: [...]

Splattered Superheroes

Melissa Smith makes amazing portraits of superheroes and supervillains with splattered paint. I think that Deadpool would be pleased that his image looks like sprays of blood. You can view others at the link, including Spider-Man, the Hulk and Harley Quinn. Link -via The Mary Sue

Overly Attached Girlfriend

Christopher Jobson sums it up well: It’s amazing how a few perfectly placed gestures, about 20 lines of black spray paint in this case, can completely transform two mundane boxes into something so fun. This piece in Olsztyn, Poland is by Adam Lokuciejewski and Szymon Czarnowski. It’s right outside your window at night. Link -via Colossal

Man paints himself green, doesn’t wash off

Enrique dos Santos was trying to look like the Incredible Hulk but managed to use the wrong paint. The 35-year-old swimming pool attendant from Brazil…

Paint Can Coat Hook

This is wonderfully simple yet highly effective: Instructable user Brian Jewett used empty paint cans (You can re-use one after cleaning it off, or even buy an empty new one at the local hardware store) for coat hooks. Link [...]

Pooled Oil Paintings

Matthew Davis creates gorgeous paintings by carefully dripping paint over his canvas, adding layers to form images. His technique is particularly effective for water scenes, like the one above. They remind me of the work of another artist we’ve featured recently who also doesn’t use a paintbrush. Artist’s Website -via Colossal