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The 51-star US Flag

On Tuesday, the majority of the voting citizens of Puerto Rico who indicated they wanted a change in status said they would like the island to become the 51st state of the United States. That’s a long way from statehood, but it is a step. The immediate question arose as to what a flag with [...]

Pac-Man Shower Curtain

Holly from Get Your Nerd Craft On! blog created this waka-waka-riffic shower curtain featuring Pac-Man out of a black fabric shower curtain and a little acrylic paint. The only downside? Having Pac-Man and the [...]

Pac-Man Propaganda

The Pac-Man propaganda posters by Joseph Baranowski rallies the troop to fight the Pac-Man menace: Link – via Ten Percent of Nothin’

Pac-Man Is a Lovecraft Story Written by Kafka

The always funny and always intellectually demanding Zach Weinersmith plumbs the depths of the human experience in today’s issue of the webcomic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. If you think that Pac-Man is a simplistic game devoid of meaning, you are wrong. Read the rest at the link. Link


Waka waka waka. Pauline Acalin sculpted this Pac-Man shaped guacamole pile. What does he eat as power pellets? Link

How 13 Video Games Got Their Names

Did you know Pac Man was originally called Puck Man because “puck” sounds sort of like the Japanese equivillent of “nom?” So how did it end up as “Pac?” The name of the game, Pakkuman, was inspired by the Japanese onomatopoeia, “paku-paku,” which describes the sound of eating, similar to the English word “chomp.” As the [...]

Starry Pac-Man

A Pac-Man game designed by Vinent Van Gogh would have been mesmerizing. The power pellets would let you fly and the ghosts would rather dance with you than attack. Alas, it was not to be, and we are left with only this excellent digital work, Starry Night at the Arcade, by Noah Gibbs. Link -via It [...]

Pac-Man as a Live Action Horror Film

(YouTube link) Come for the horror, stay to finally get a glimpse of Pac-Man in this “reboot.” -via Buzzfeed

Vintage TV Commercial For Atari

(YouTube Link) Talk about gnarly to the max! This totally rad Atari commercial from the 80s has it all-a beach, a boombox, and babes galore! Oh, and there’s the bit about totally tubular old games like Ms. Pac-Man, Vanguard, Centipede and Galaxian. Man, I totally wish I could just take my Atari console to the beach with me [...]

Retro Video Games in Real Life

Waka waka waka! German Photographer Patrick Runte’s project Jump ‘N’ Run visualizes what retro video games, like Pac-Man above, would look like in real life: Link – via Design [...]