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The Ladies of Warhol, Picasso and Lichtenstein in Real Life

Here’s model Megan Fay, appearing as Andy Warhol’s iconic Marilyn Monroe, with two other models dressed and painted to look like works by Pablo Picasso and Roy Lichtenstein. They were decorated this way for a Halloween event by the fashion company American Apparel. Link -via Super Punch

Penny Paintings

Jacqueline Lou Skaggs made twelve tiny oil paintings not on canvas or wood, but pennies. This one, “Field of Sleeping Peasants,” is an homage to Pablo Picasso. You can view the rest at the link. Link -via Kottke

Mike Esparza’s Picasso Superheroes

Mike Esparza of design company Wonder Brothers created something pretty nifty: superheroes drawn in the style of Pablo Picasso. Take a look at the entire gallery over at WonderBros: Link [...]

On Music: Beatlemania Week – No. 7

We’ve come to the end of our week-long mini-series featuring songs by The Beatles. If you’re interested in reading other episodes, they all can be found right down here. If you have ideas about things you’d like to see us cover in a future, week-long mini-series, drop a suggestion in the comments below. “All You Need [...]

11 Child Prodigies Who Had Done Amazing Things by Age 11

Enjoy being humbled (humiliated?) by these 11 amazing child prodigies – some from history and some doing their prodigy thing in the here and now. Image credit: 1. Hungarian chess grandmaster Judit Polgar (1976-) began playing in tournaments at the age of six and, by the age of eleven, she had defeated her first grandmaster, Vladimir [...]

9 Child Prodigies (Who Actually Ended Up Doing Something)

Four-year-old Australian Aelita Andre is the talk of the international art world. She sold one painting for $24,000, and her work is currently on display at the Agora Gallery in New York. Perhaps a few decades from now, she’ll earn a spot on this list, which we first published in 2009. By Rick Chillot Being a child [...]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Jonas Salk

You probably know Jonas Salk as the man behind the polio vaccine. You may not know about his scientific rivalries, love life, and non-polio projects, though. Let’s take a look at five unheralded aspects of the doctor’s life. 1. He Wasn’t Big on Patents Shortly after Salk’s vaccine breakthrough, legendary journalist Edward R. Murrow sat down with [...]

The Painted Lady

The following is an article from the book Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Plunges Into History Again. How a lady and her hat scandalized Paris. In 1905, a painting shown in Paris shocked the public. Critics reviled it; religious and conservative moralists made speeches against it. The artist who painted it was vilified as a “wild beast” and [...]