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Death of a Nyan Cat

If you surf the internet, then at some point you have probably seen Nyan Cat. The original creator of that infectiously addicting 8-bit rainbow meme, Chris Torres, has informed the internet that his cat Marty (inspiration for Nyan Cat) has passed away. A week ago Marty started acting strange and the responsible owner Torres quickly brought [...]

Dog Tracked Owner 2 Miles to Hospital

When John Dolan was hospitalized, his dog Zander missed him so much that it decided to track him down to a hospital 2 miles away: Zander, seemingly decided he had to be by his owner’s bedside. Zander [...]

Where’s That Dog?

(YouTube link) We can hear him, but he doesn’t want to respond to his owner’s whistle. Can you find the dog in this video? -via the Presurfer

Dog rescues owner after fall in shower

Louis the Yorkshire Terrier knew exactly what to do when his owner Victoria collapsed in the shower. 58-year-old Victoria Shaw suffers from arthritis …


The bad news is that the dog isn’t thrilled with its owner’s latest lederhosen fashion obsession, but the good news is that it’s now famous on the Interweb. Wait, that may not exactly be good news … [...]

Dachshund in Chain Mail

I do not know the origins of this picture, but the dog’s owner should be commended for providing much-needed protection from arrows and bladed weapons. She is ready to go to both the dogpark and the Ren fair. via Geekosystem

Shelties Rescues from Radiation Area

An Associated Press photographer had snapped a picture of a group of Shelties wandering the streets in Minami Soma city, an area that has been evacuated because of proximity to the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex in Japan. A team called Sheltie Rescue went into action after the picture was published, determined to bring the dogs [...]

Japanese Dog Who Survived Three Weeks at Sea after the Tsunami Reunited with Owner

(Video Link) Ban, a two-year old dog from Japan, survived three weeks at sea on a rooftop after the recent earthquake and tsunami. He was rescued from the Japanese Coast Guard and, as you can see in this video, reunited with his owner: The 2-year-old dog, named Ban, greeted her owner “with joy, jumping and wagging her [...]

Lamborghini Owner Hires Sledgehammer Gang To Destroy Car Pictures 2011

An angry Lamborghini owner hired a team of men with sledgehammers to destroy the super car after dealers allegedly failed to repair it. The Lamborghini Gallardo L140 luxury sports car had recurring problems after the owner purchased it in China last October. But the owner claims that, instead of fixing the problem, the dealer made it worse, [...]

Pizza Shop Owner Delivers Mice To The Competition

A Pennsylvania Pizza Shop Owner is being accused of trying to sabotage the competition. It is alleged that Nikolas Galiatsatos went into a rival pizza place and stashed a bag of live mice in the bathroom. The incident is being called “food terrorism by mice.” How was he caught? Chitwood said two of his officers happened to [...]