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Distant solar system mirrors our own

Planets orbiting a sun-like star exhibit the closest layout to that of our own solar system yet seen. The system known as ‘Kepler 30′ contains a trio …

Nearby star may have nine extrasolar planets

At 127 light years distant the HD 10180 system shares many similarities with our own Solar System. Discovered to have at least five planets back in 20…

8 Wonders of The Solar System

While our space probes and the Hubble Space Telescope have made great advances in recent years bringing us photos of the cosmos, there are still many places in our own solar system that close photography is just out of reach. These artist renderings bring us close to eight amazing places that hopefully we will get [...]

Search begins for giant new planet

Astronomers are on the hunt for a massive undiscovered planet lurking in our own solar system. The new planet could be four times the size of Jupiter …