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Edward The Owl

Edward The Owl – $47.95 (front and back shown) Are you on the hunt to find the the perfect Halloween costume for your wise little toddler. Feast your eyes on the Edward The Owl costume from the NeatoShop. This adorable plush costume includes hood, body piece, and leggings. It is a real hoot. Edward The Owl Trick [...]

Owl Snack Bowl

Owl Snack Bowl – $14.95 Are you looking for an owlfully cute treat dish? You need the very delightful Owl Snack Bowl from the NeatoShop. The container is shaped like a bird’s nest and features an adorable owl hiding inside. This little bowl is a real hoot!    Be sure to swoop over to the NeatoShop for [...]

Giant owl photographed at Carrizo Springs

A picture showing two men holding up a huge owl has been circulating forums and social media sites. The image is believed to have been taken at Carriz…

Owls are All Feathers

The actual body of an owl is very much smaller than what it looks like with a covering of feathers. The shape of the bird looks like a vulture or something. Who would have thought it? The photo is of a stuffed Great Grey Owl from the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen, cross section and whole. [...]

Fossil of extinct owl discovered in Madeira

Scientists describe how the scops owl species flourished but was driven to extinction by humans. A group of international scientists is studying the d…

Owl Dust Buddy

Owl Dust Buddy – $7.95 Dusty computer monitor? "Owl’" help you clean it up with this cute Owl Dust Buddy from the NeatoShop. The microfiber duster cleans [...]

Owl Backpack

Owl Backpack - $23.95 (sold separately) Are you on the hunt for a perfectly practical Easter gift for your favorite toddler? Hoo says it needs to be a basket?  Why not pack those delicious Easter treats into a very useful Owl Backpack from the NeatoShop! This adorable mini backpack is perfect for everyday use. The Owl Backpack [...]

Kigurumi Owl Costume

Kigurumi Owl Costume - $55.95 Are you an owl loving individual?  Do you consider yourself to be extremely fashion forward? You need the very stylish Kigurumi Owl Costume from the NeatoShop. This adorable one-piece adult pajama comes with an oversized owl face hood, wing arms, and tail feathers. This outfit is perfect for a romantic night in [...]

What A Hoot Owl Apron

What A Hoot Owl Apron – $35.95 Valentine’s Day is coming! Have you found the perfect gift for your wise, owl loving, sweetheart? You need the What A Hoot Owl Apron from the NeatoShop. This flattering apron features an adorable owl with embroidered eyes and applique nose. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more fun [...]

Animals Hidden in Coffee Cups

While it lacks the menacing message of The Prisoner poison glass (which is, after all, the effect we generally want when entertaining guests) Ange-line Tetrault’s coffee cups have a certain charm. As you drink from one, you expose a bear, a fox or an owl. Link | Designer’s Website